Data Migration Services

What can we migrate for you?


  • Migrate from any dedicated, virtual or shared server.
  • We are able to carry out migration if your current hosting provider is using the below Control Panel:
    • Direct Admin
    • cPanel
    • Plesk
  • Upgrade your operating system (ex. we will help you to move from Windows Server 2003 to the updated one but application compatibility is excluded).
  • Migration of web files (php, js, asps), statics files (images, video ) including your apps and databases.


  • Move your apps to IP ServerOne, including content management systems (CMSes), SaaS apps, or custom apps.


  • We can host your MySQL, MsSQL database.
  • Change or upgrade your databases: move from MySQL to MsSQL or vice versa.

Website Migration FAQs


What is Migration Service?


Our migration service is charged based on the data size where we seamlessly migrate your site(s) from your current provider to our very own premium systems. We understand that it can be a hassle to move your sites over to us so we want to make it as easy as possible.

All website migrations are handled by our experienced standalone team, who dedicates 100% of their time to deliver a smooth website migration. We are experienced in moving all types of sites, from small WordPress websites to complicated IaaS (multiple dedicated server) setups.


What type IP ServerOne's services are valid for migration?

  • Dedicated Server

  • Smart Dedicated Server

  • Cloud Hosting

  • Email Hosting

  • Clustered Hosting

  • SME Hosting


How long does a website migration take?


We can't give an exact migration time as it depends on the complexity of your website and also our current workload. However, we aim to migrate most of the websites within 2 working days, but it's usually much quicker. For simple sites, we can usually complete the move within one day.


What information do you need from me for migration?


All we need is the login details (control panel link, username and password) of your old host, and the domain name(s) which you want to migrate. We will do the rest. If we have any questions we will correspond with you.


I'm giving sensitive information, how can I be sure this information will be kept confidential?


A confidentiality agreement is built into our contract with you. You can be assured that all the information such as credentials, client lists, content, media, files, email addresses and the rest of data about your personal and/or business interests will be held in the strictest confidence and protected by contract law. We will not touch any existing content or files on your existing server with the exception of having to clear any caches. Any necessary changes will be done only with your permission.


What our migration services do not include:

  • In case there are any changes to the web files after we initiate the migration, any roll back is subject to additional charges.
  • Please make the changes only after we have migrated the files over.
  • We do not update any of your database connection string.
  • We do not include any special installation.
  • Sites we cannot migrate over are mainly from "closed source" website builder software, this includes: Wix, BaseKit, Jimdo, Website Tonight, Four Square, Mr Site, Easystore, Webshaper and etc.


Will my current hosting provider know I'm leaving them?


In most cases we can move sites seamlessly from your current hosting provider, without them knowing.


Our migration service can migrate your website from any web hosting providers hosting package.

Hosting Types Software Applications Hosting Environments
Shared Hosting
Application Hosting
Virtual Servers
Dedicated Servers
Multi-server Deployments
cPanel Hosting
WHM Resellers
Anything with FTP access

Sites we cannot migrate over are mainly from "closed source" website builder software, this includes: Wix, BaseKit, Jimdo, Website Tonight, Four Square, Mr Site, Easystore, Webshaper and etc.


Is there any downtime when my site is being migrated?


Our team of migration specialists is able to handle your migration with no downtime. During the migration process your content is present on both the old and new servers, meaning you completely avoid any disruption. Firstly we copy your site into our systems, then present you a preview URL and once you have checked the site then we instruct you how to switch to us.

In some cases (for example where you have an e-commerce website) we understand data integrity is vital. We will discuss various options with you here - such as putting the website into maintenance mode, or remotely connecting to the database.

Contact our experience team for migration service

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