Control Panel

  • DirectAdmin

    DirectAdmin is a relatively lightweight control panel that supports Linux. It has all of the basic features of a control panel, including support for multi-customer setups. All of the sold licenses are "unlimited domain" licenses.


    • E-mail Management

      Users can create E-Mail accounts, vacation messages, autoresponders and mailing lists. You can forward your E-Mail, change E-Mail account password and/or size.

    • FTP- Management

      DirectAdmin enables users to create FTP accounts and set directory permissions for each account. Number of FTP users/accounts is not limited.

    • MySQL Database

      DirectAdmin enables to manage MySQL databases. You can create different users for each database and set access rights for outside host.

    • Backups

      DirectAdmin backup tool enables you to create a backup of account settings (mail settings, databases, account settings, general settings). File Manager enables you to pack and backup rest of the files via FTP download.

    • Domain Management

      DirectAdmin enables you to manage all domains on your hosting account. You can create subdomains, add or delete active domains and redirect them to other websites.

    • File Manager

      A user-friendly and fast alternative to FTP. Includes every feature needed to build and maintain a web site. Create, copy, delete or modify. Modify php code directly in file or change CHMOD rights for files and folders.

    • Directory Protection

      Users can password protect any directory with a username and password. DirectAdmin enables to create different usernames and passwords for each user if you wish to hide all or part of your website.

    • Advance Tools

      • Cronjobs
      • Mime Types
      • Apache Handlers
      • Custom Error Pages
      • Installatron

    Multidomain Management

    Subdomain management

    Alias domain management (Domain pointers)

    Installatron (Free software programs)

    PHP MyAdmin

    E-Mail accounts management

    E-Mail vacation messages

    E-Mail autoresponders

    Spam Assassin

    Spam Filters


    FTP management

    Summary/Statistics (Webalizer)


    Web-based file manager

    PERL modules

    Domain redirection


    SSL encryption

    Password protected directories

    Apache Handlers

    Mime Types

    Type of License Cost Per License


    SGD 12+ / month


    SGD 144+ / year

  • cPanel

    Cpanel is the web control panel tool for website owners, and Web Host Manager (WHM) is the server administrative tool for hosting providers. Cpanel and WHM can be considered the most full-featured systems of all. Cpanel is only supported on Linux, but Windows support can be achieved using its Enkompass product or a virtualization setup.


    • E-mail Management

      cPanel allow you to create your own email accounts, manage their space, passwords, set forwarders and aliases, filters, auto responders. The Webmail feature means you can view your email from anywhere through a browser, whilst the SpamAssasin and filters will help you in controlling unwanted messages.

    • File Management

      You can do tasks like edit, delete and move your files around with the online File Manager. Manage your FTP accounts, sessions and privileges, keep your data secure by configuring and downloading daily backups.

    • Logs and Reports

      You can constantly review your website's performance through a set of powerful reporting tools, Awstats, Latest Visitors, Error Logs and more ...

    • Automated Script Installation by Fantastico

      All HostSo web hosting plans now include more than 50 Powerful scripts all installed at the click of a button with Fantastico! Shopping Carts, Forums, Blogs, Customer Relationship Tools, FAQ Systems, Site Builders, Form Generators, Support Ticket Systems, Photo Galleries, Classified Systems, Banner Servers and more! - Everything you need to power your website!

    • Help & Preferences

      Video Tutorials are a great way to help you get started. cPanel allows you to change your password, update contact info, even set your own style or language.

    • Domains

      Create subdomains (i.e. manage add-on domain, parked domains and redirect URLs.

    • Security

      Password Protect your directories, block unwanted visitors with the 'IP Deny Manager' and a number of other features to secure your files and bandwidth.

    • Database Management

      You can easily create databases and users in a couple of minutes through cPanel, additonally we include phpMyAdmin which is a powerful graphical interface for querying and editing your database tables.

    • Software & Scripts

      As well as fantastico scripts there are a number of other handy CGI/Perl modules that you can use in your website, such as GuestBook, Counter, Clock and Search.

    • Advanced Tools

      A set of features design for the more advanced users allows you to specify your own Apache Handlers and Cron jobs, install FrontPage Extensions and create your own custom Error Pages. The Network Tools section allows a user to find out information about any domain. The Image Manager allows you to view and modify the size and type of images in your account.

    Bandwidth Monitoring

    POP3/IMAP Accounts

    Mail Client Configuration


    Account Level Filtering

    Spam Assassin

    Webmail Options: Horde, RoundCube, SquirrelMail

    Email Authentication – Featuring: SPF and DKIM

    Mass Email Account creation

    MySQL 5 with phpMyAdmin

    Cron Jobs

    Website Stats – Featuring: AWStats and Logaholic

    Raw Access Logs


    Web Based File Manager

    Backup System

    Disk Space Usage Statistics

    Custom Errors Pages – 404's, 401's, 503's and more

    Password Protect Directories

    SSL/TLS Management

    SSH/Shell Access

    Hotlink Protection

    Leech Protection

    GnuPG keys

    Google Apps Setup Wizard


    Type of License Cost Per License
    Cost Per License

    cPanel WHM

    SGD 80+ / month

    SGD 64+ / month

    cPanel WHM (VPS)

    SGD 52+ / month

    SGD 44+ / month

  • Odin Plesk Panel

    Plesk is versatile in both Linux and Window platform . Plesk comes in several different editions, each tailored for specific hosting use cases. The user interface is regarded as a bit cleaner than Cpanel. In terms of features, Plesk and Cpanel don’t differ much. Both are in use by big hosting companies (often in a branded form) and other many customers.


    Service Provider Management

    Bandwidth Monitoring

    Subscription Management

    Account Management

    User Interface

    WordPress Toolkit

    Developer Pack (PgSQL, MSSQL, Tomcat, ColdFusion)

    Plesk Mobile Manager (iPhone & Android devices)

    Security Features

    Security Core* with ModSecurity Rules by Atomicorp

    ServerShield™ by CloudFlare

    Outbound Antispam

    Email Antivirus

    Available as add-on

    Type of License Cost Per License (Monthly) Cost Per License (Yearly)

    Odin Plesk Panel

    SGD 80+ / month

    SGD 64+ / month

    Odin Plesk Panel (VPS)

    SGD 52+ / month

    SGD 44+ / month


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